Greenwich Village’s First Tea Room, The Mad Hatter: Gothamist

Photos courtesy of MCNY and Gothamist.


Syria Is Just A Telenovela With Chemical Weapons


1) Dire Things Must Be Done, But First Let’s Talk.
2) ALL IS LOST! And We’re Hungry Too.
3) Enter The Villain With Pizza And Surprising Words.
4) The Light Returns… But Wait, Complications! ALL IS LOST AGAIN!
5) Never Spoil The Ending.

Video: de Blasio And Family Respond To Bloomberg Class Warfare Jab: Gothamist

¬†From the comments: “Listening to Bloomberg: ‘oh, this de Blasio guy, all he wants to do is pander to the vast majority of New Yorkers by improving their way of life, what a sell out.'”

via Video: Bill de Blasio And Family Respond To Bloomberg's "Inappropriate" Racism Comments: Gothamist.