Edward Snowden: NRA supporter who loved domestic spying when it was Bush and hated it when it was Obama

It’s not often that I quote Ronald Reagan… but here we are: Trust, but verify.

I’m interested in why Snowden was mouthing all kinds of intransigent “47%” and uberpatriot sentiments against whistleblowers, against poor people, against “the safety net”.

I want to know why he was previously in favor of surveillance, promoting the conventional case for a “dangerous world” in which such compromises are necessary… and then decided on this change of heart, if that’s what it is.

A service has been performed, we may know something that SOME at least didn’t know… but I want to know why.

Pulling to the Left

Apparently, Edward Snowden supported NSA domestic spying programs when President Bush was in office, but abruptly changed his mind when Barack Obama became President. He bragged of his support for the NRA, Ron Paul and domestic spying programs, and his hatred of liberal social policies.

Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblowers

It now appears that when Bush was president Edward Snowden SUPPORTED domestic spying programs and thought leakers of classified information should be shot, but when Obama became president he suddenly changed his mind.

Chat room transcripts reveal (detailed here) that Snowden was a big Ron Paul supporter and no fan of liberal policies.

He wrote of people who leaked classified information, “those people should be shot in the balls”

He revealed his Ayn Randian philosophy of old people and Social Security with these types of comments: “save money? cut this social security bullshit …. Somehow, our society managed to make it hundreds of…

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