Opulent Piano Showroom Is Potential Interior Landmark : CityLand

A win for preservation? Hope so.

Opulent Piano Retail Space Considered as a Potential Interior Landmark : CityLand.


The Weird, Recursive ‘Mad Men’ Ads : The New Yorker

A sharp and jazzy commentary on the ad business, which only incidentally critiques the ad pairings with the popular drama series.

Here’s one of several ‘money quotes’:

In Season 2, when Peggy tries to impress Don with her savvy by citing the aphorism that “sex sells,” Don shoots back, with a line that must have heartened modern ad people everywhere: “Says who? Just so you know, the people who talk that way think that monkeys can do this.”

Check it out.

The Weird, Recursive 'Mad Men' Ads : The New Yorker.

5 Abandoned Stations of the New York Subway System

A glimpse of abandoned subway stations under New York City streets. Changes in the length of the cars, evolving usage patterns and even competitive moves among the four once-private transit companies made some stations obsolete. One was even closed and covered after only two days operating. Take a look. 5 Abandoned Stations of the New York Subway System.

John Hodgman: Ask Ayn Rand : The New Yorker

A comic, satiric, metaphor-mixing Randian “rebuke” to the altruism, intellectual de-masculinity and politically-correct soft-drinks eating at the heart of her virile, crude and violent “America”… an “ideal place” which better resembles Rand’s native Russia, but that’s another story.

What is wrong with committing suicide? What’s wrong with giving up on life? And why is the happiness of another person important and good, but not your own? And why do they make soda cans so difficult to open these days?

via John Hodgman: Ask Ayn Rand : The New Yorker.