Pyro in Hell’s Kitchen: ‘Birdman’ Shoot to Fill W. 43rd St. With Smoke This Weekend

Midtown will get a nose-and-eyeful of cinematic smoke as the production of Birdman sets off smoke devices this weekend around 43rd Street. Last week, the production had protagonist Michael Keaton dangling from a crane, as his character “tries to reclaim the box-office glory he once had playing a superhero.” Naturally, this is at the heart of why people must fly, and blow stuff up, in the movies. Let’s take a look. 'Birdman' Filming Will Fill W. 43rd St. With Smoke This Weekend, City Says – Hell's Kitchen & Clinton – New York.


Brooklyn to Queens Transit Redux :: Second Ave. Sagas

Here with a follow-up story, a more expansive discussion of interborough transit. Manhattan’s rail terminals were at one point the focal point of a hub/spoke system, when Manhattan garment factories and offices were the destination to working people coming into the city from Brooklyn and Queens. Today, gentrification is changing the direction of travel, and thanks to mid-twentieth-century conflicts of interest involving oil, rubber tire and bus chassis manufacturers… the trolley grid spanning Brooklyn and Queens is long gone. With more on the story, here’s this. Can you tell me how to get, how to get from Brooklyn to Queens? :: Second Ave. Sagas.

How Monopoly Monkeybusiness Killed The Streetcar, and Made It Harder To Get From Brooklyn To Queens

In the 1920s, a firm known as National City Lines started buying up street car lines. In 1936, National became a holding company owned equally by General Motors, Firestone Tire, Standard Oil of California, and Phillips Petroleum. Perhaps you can guess where this is going. NCL bought up trolley systems in over 40 cities and 15 states, converting them almost overnight into bus lines. In 1947, they were indicted in federal court, in what became known as the “Great American Streetcar Scandal.” Two years later, the four original companies who owned NCL, along with MAC Truck, were found guilty of conspiracy to monopolize mass transit. But by then the damage was done. Most of the nation’s streetcar system was in junkyards, replaced by buses.

Via The Atlantic Cities: A Very Brief History of Why It's So Hard to Get From Brooklyn to Queens – Richard Greenwald – The Atlantic Cities. Takes on Cooper Union Protests, Complains About Dumbing Down of America While Specifically Doing So Itself

In a typo-laced, grammarless, breathless and hyperbolic rant about the “dumbing-down” of America, and something about “spolied (sic) brats,” the Breitbart think-tank of educational expertise takes on the student-trustee protest at Cooper Union.

Via the Village Voice (the real one): Takes on Cooper Union Protests, Complains About Dumbing Down of America – New York – News – Runnin’ Scared.